About Us



Welcome to Crossroads, an alternative school in the Anchorage School District. Crossroads was formed in the 1970’s as a response by the Anchorage School District to address the specific needs of pregnant high school students. You are here by choice, and we are glad to have you. We have several goals for you while you’re here. First, we will assist you in continuing and completing your high school education without loss of credits or time. Additionally we will help provide employability skills, life planning skills, healthy life skills in the context of relationships, pregnancy, and parenting. Second, we will help you in any way we can to prepare you for a successful future and to gain skills needed to achieve your goals. Finally, we will provide you with a safe, respectful, and trusting environment. We expect that you will follow our procedures and policies as they are offered to help you succeed. All students follow the ASD requirements. Additionally, child development, which includes parenting classes, and maternity health courses are required for our students. Crossroads is located in the King Career Center, located at 2650 E Northern Lights Blvd. Phone number: 742-2424 Fax number: 742-2473.



Ms. Doherty, Principal                                      

Ms. McMorris, Teacher/Counselor                                                                    

Ms. Whited, Nurse  

Ms. Karol Benroth, Counselor


ADMISSION POLICY: Students with a verified pregnancy (a doctor’s verification is required) may complete a referral with their school counselor. When the referral process is complete, students must attend an interview with the nurse to make sure Crossroads can meet the student’s needs prior to enrollment. The program takes new students throughout the academic year. When possible, students are encouraged to complete semesters at their home school for maximum credit opportunity. 


SCHOOL HOURS: Student attendance hours are from 8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Crossroads is open 30 minutes before school (7:30 a.m.) and for one hour after school Monday through Thursday. If students choose to remain in Crossroads after school, they must be participating in an after school class or quietly doing independent study.   


TRANSPORTATION: Pregnant and parenting students can ride ASD buses from their zoned schools, however, babies cannot accompany parenting students on District school buses. 


ATTENDANCE POLICY / MATERNITY LEAVE: Attendance is required at Crossroads. Parents or students are required to call in all absences. Students are allowed to miss 5 school days for vaginal delivery and 10 days for a cesarean. Students will be expected to keep on track with schoolwork during that time. You may save some of these days for some sleepless nights when the baby keeps you up at night. Students have to attend to receive attendance verification letters. This means that the student is here on time without unexcused absences for at least 10 consecutive days. Students must be making academic progress, meet attendance and behavior requirements to stay enrolled at Crossroads.


CHILD CARE: Students may have their newborn babies, ages 0-4 months attend school with them. Babies must have current and up-to-date immunizations if they are to be onsite. It is recommended to arrange care for babies before 4 months. If your baby is turning 4 months at any time during a semester, you must have care arranged prior to the beginning of that semester. For safety reasons and to assist you with your educational process, cooperative childcare will be initiated. Students, however, are the primary care givers for their babies while in attendance at Crossroads.


PARENTING TEEN POLICY: All students are expected to follow and support school rules. However, it is the policy of Crossroads that parenting teens be a positive example for others. The priority for enrollment goes to pregnant teens. Because of our policy, parenting students will be held to a higher standard. If attendance, academic progress, or discipline concerns arise, a student will be placed on a contract. Areas of concern will be listed as goals to work on in the upcoming quarter. If these goals are not met, the parenting teen will be withdrawn from Crossroads.


CREDITS AND GRADES: Crossroads School utilizes a letter grade system. Course work is delivered using classroom instruction, online classes, packets, workbooks, designated activities, workshops, mentoring, and other staff-approved methods. Crossroads offers elective credit for a student’s job, work hours, and community experience.



  • The same rights and responsibilities as other Anchorage School District schools bind students at Crossroads.  Drug use, fighting, weapons possessions/use, harassment, and gang-like behavior will warrant exclusion from the program for a determined amount of time decided by the Principal with input from staff.
  • Students are expected to maintain a positive and productive attitude while attending Crossroads.
  • No clothing may be worn that promotes tobacco, alcohol, sexual activity, memorials, sadistic worship, or anything that is inappropriate in a school atmosphere.
  • Bandanas are not allowed at any ASD school.
  • Smoking is not allowed on any ASD campus.
  • Students are expected to be making academic progress and earning credit while enrolled.

BEHAVIOR AND ATTENDANCE INFRACTIONS: When a student chooses to break the rules, the principal is alerted and appropriate actions are initiated as needed.  If the behaviors continue, or are severe enough, a “Plan for Improvement” contract will be developed by the staff, the principal, and the student.   These contracts specifically describe the inappropriate conduct, present a plan of action, and the consequences for failure to follow the contract.  Contracts are in effect for a specific length of time.  Failure to follow this plan may result in a decision by the Principal for exclusion from Crossroads.


TELEPHONE AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES:    The telephones at Crossroads are for school business.  Students are not to use the school number for the delivery of personal messages.  If you have an emergency and need to use a school phone, talk to your teacher.  Cell phones, and other electronic devices can be used at the following appropriate times: before school, during teacher-given breaks, at lunch, and after school.  We need your full attention when you are here so please keep these devices out of sight or they will be taken away.  Parents and daycare providers can call and/or leave messages in the case there is an emergency on the main school line.